What to expect in 2017

With the new year approaching and engagement season in full swing, we think an update on what type of 2017 wedding trends you can expect to see is in order.

If you are like most brides and start your planning by choosing your “color”,  Pantone’s choices for 2017 are a great place to start!









































With THE color choice being Pantone’s Greenery, we at Wed With Style LOVE any shade of green and are thrilled to report that any shade of gold is also on trend in 2017!

We will also see more “theme weddings” this new year as well.  As for decor and flowers, cascading greenery will be a popular choice.

Photo credit: MOD Wedding &























Ready to think outside of the box for your stationary? Well you are in luck! Inviations will have more of a “3D” appearance incorporating ribbon, hand drawn crest, wax seals and calligraphy will remain a must.

Photo credit:





















Wedding guests will love having their dessert of choice with dessert bars being chosen over a traditional wedding cake again this year.

Love a variety of looks for your wedding party? Feel free to mix and match the color, style, textures and fabrics of your bridesmaids dresses and your girls will love you for it! Groomsmen wearing suits in various colors is on trend this year as well.

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For more wedding trend inspiration, please take a moment and browse our Pinterest board “what to expect in 2017“.

Newly engaged couples, please give us a call, the expert planners at Wed With Style would be honored to assist you in planning your perfect wedding day!


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Wedding Party Gift Ideas

I frequently get asked by my brides (& grooms) for gift ideas for their wedding party. I want to share a few of my favorite gifts. I love supporting small businesses anytime I get the opportunity and handmade items are a plus!

I came across the hand-crafted jewelry line “Bare and Me” on Etsy. There are SO many beautiful items to choose from that can be personalized as well.

These druzy necklaces would look spectacular with any style bridesmaid dress:
















Personalized cuff links are a great gift for your groom or his groomsmen: 











I have to mention how adorable the packaging is for these gifts! I just might have ordered something for myself 😉

The ladies at “Ellen Jay Stylish Events and Sweets” are known for their delicious sugar cookies and who doesn’t love a cookie?!

How cute are these cookies to ask your girls: 

These also make great wedding and shower favors: 

Ellen Jay can customize a desert bar or design your wedding cake for your big day as well! 

In my opinion art is the gift that keeps on giving! Chandler Hines of “Chandler Hines Art” is extremely talented.

These gorgeous trinket dishes can be customized to your wedding color(s) or your attendants favor shade:

Chandler can also customize a 4×4 or 5×5 painting on canvas:















No matter what choice of gift you give your wedding party, a unique, custom or handmade item always is a nice way to give a more personal touch.  Please let us know if we can offer any assistance in finding that just right “something” that reflects your appreciation to your friends and family as they celebrate your special day!

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A Southern Wedding Tradition ~ Charm Pull

The southern tradition of a charm pull was originally called ribbon pulling. Wedding charms date back to Victorian times. There are typcally 12 charms attached to ribbons. The charms are placed in the bottom layer of the wedding cake with the ribbons fanning out around the perimeter of the cake.
charm pulls

Each charm has a specific meaning or prediction of the future.

Ring: Upcoming marriage
Heart: New love
Kite: Fun and leisurely life
Fleur-de-Lis: Love will blossom, prosperity
Four Leaf Clover: Lucky in life
Anchor: Adventure awaits
Red Bean: Good luck
Star: Wish comes true
Thimble: Spinsterhood
Hot Air Balloon: A life of travel and adventure
Butterfly: Eternal beauty
Wreath: Contented life



Southern Wedding Tradition-Charm Pull

Bridesmaids, family members or friends are usually asked to participate in the pull. The cake pull takes place right before the cake is cut. After the pull the charms are normally kept as gift by those who participated. The charms can be ordered from many online sites such as Etsy. Tell us if you have participated in a charm pull and which charm did you receive?

wedding cake

Wedding cake by: Couture Cakes

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